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School Permission Notes
Parent Calendar
Learning Resourses 2022
Extended Leave Application - Travel
Exemption for Attendance Application - Elite Sport, Dance, TV work etc
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How To - Skoolbytes payment 

Excursions, Incursions & Events

Gymnastics SPORT
Kinder to Year 2
Thursdays Week 1 to Week 10
Location: WPS Hall 

Symbio Excursion
Friday 16 September
Location: Helensburgh (bus)

Royal National Park Excursion
Year 2
Tuesday 13 September 2W
Thursday 15 September 2B & 2MS
Location: Royal National Park

Tea Gardens Bush Camp Excursion
Year 6
28-30 November
Location: Tea Gardens (bus)

Please return your note and payment
to the office ASAP
Please no emailed photos of note

Please return your note and make
payment by Friday 2 September
Please no emailed photos of note

Royal National Park PERMISSION NOTE
Please return your note and make
payment by Wednesday 7 September
Please no emailed photos of note

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Parent Calendars

Term 1 2022
Term 2 2022
Term 3 2022
Term 4 2022

*please note these calendar dates are subject to change from time to time and updated versions will be uploaded as soon as possible

Learning Resources and Voluntary Contributions 2022 

Learning Resources and Voluntary Contributions please pay via skoolbytes email link, website 'make a payment' or cash/eftpos to the office (office banking closes at midday)

Extended Leave Application - Travel

Application Form - fillable pdf for email (please send as pdf, photos of forms will not be accepted) or print, fill in and hand in to the office

Exemption from Attendance / Enrolment - Elite Sport, Dance, TV Industry etc

Application Form - fillable pdf for email (please send as pdf, photos of forms will not be accepted) or print, fill in and hand in to the office

Skoolbag App

Statements of Account - Online Payment Guide

Woolooware Public School sends student statements of account and payment reminders directly to parents/caregivers via email using School Bytes. These emails contain a link to make secure payments online through the Westpac Parent Online Payment (POP) system (Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards accepted). 

To make an online payment for your child(ren) school contribution, please follow the steps below:

1. You will receive an email from the following email address (noreply@mail.schoolbytes.education) with the subject "Student Statement of Account' or 'Payment Request'. 

2. To make an online credit card payment, click the secure payment button in the email.

3. Once this button is clicked, you will be taken to a webpage www.parentpayments.com.au. On this page, you will see a list of all currently outstanding items for your child. By default, all items are selected/ticked for payment.  

4. If you wish to change the amount you would like to pay for an item, enter the desired amount in the number field under the 'Balance Owing' column. To not pay for a certain item, untick the checkbox in the left-hand column of the table next to the item you wish to remove. 

5. Once you have selected what items you wish to pay for, enter the name, phone number and email address under 'Payer Details'. This allows the school to identify which parent/caregiver is making the payment. Now, press the 'next' button to be redirected to a secure Westpac site to finalise your online payment.

6. Once redirected to Westpac, you will see the following screen. Enter your credit card details into the appropriate text fields on this screen. Once completed, press the 'Proceed to Confirmation' button. 

7. You will then see a payment summary screen where you can confirm your details. When ready, press the button at the bottom of the page to confirm and make your online payment.

NOTE: To pay for another child in the family, return to the original email you received and click the payment button with the other child's name on it. 

The payment button/link located within the email remains active for12 months. This means that at any point within this time period you can use this link to see what items are currently owing for your family. For information relating to the security and privacy of this service, please refer to the Department of Education School Bytes website.